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Contents Gameplay In Spartan: Total Warrior, players assume the role of Captain John, the leader of the Spartans during the Battle of Thermopylae. As a captain of the Spartan infantry force, John's mission is to defend the Greek city of Thermopylae against the Persian army. Players must complete different missions to advance in the game by defeating the Persian army. During the Battle of Thermopylae, every member of the Spartan infantry force must fight against the Persian army, which has a base of operations in the city. The game was released with two expansion packs, two multiplayer maps, ten weapon types, and eight levels of difficulty. Players can choose their name in the game, which affects how their appearance and dialogue is presented. Each mission in the game contains five stages. Each stage has a boss, which is a mini-boss and a sub-boss. To complete the mission, players must defeat both the boss and sub-boss. When both bosses are defeated, the mission is cleared. After completing five missions, players are awarded a point for each mission completed. There are two multiplayer modes, Hotseat and Free for All. In Free for All, players can play cooperatively with teammates, such as a two-player split-screen mode. In Hotseat, only the host player can play, but will have the ability to communicate with other players through the microphone. Players can play in any mode on any of the 10 different maps. Players can choose from ten different Spartan weapon types. The weapon types available are sword, lasso, shield, mace, trident, hammer, spear, battle axe, handgun, and archer. They are able to reload their weapons by pressing the R2 button. Weapons are categorized into six categories, each of which has different attributes. When the player selects a weapon type, they are given points to buy an additional weapon from the weapon racks. Plot After hearing of a possible threat from the Persian army in Greece, the King of Sparta orders his Spartans to defend Greece. Sparta's Commander of the Spartan military force, Captain John, sends out his men, the Spartans, to the Greek city of Thermopylae. The Spartans encounter the Persian army at the village of Gomphi and destroy them. The Spartans then head to the nearby city of Laconia. When the Spartans reach Laconia, they are commanded by King Leonidas to take the city of Thespiae to




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Spartan Total Warrior Pc Download Utorrent Free janswarr

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